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Friends are a good source for cuckolding lovers for her. If she is already comfortable with the other man, the get-togethers can be quite relaxed and congenial and the idea of a friend having sex with her can be stimulating for each of the participants though perhaps for different reasons. We particularly like the manner in which the three people in these two videos relate to one other.

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Couples in the Cuckolding often entertain the wife's lover in their home. Sometimes the husband waits in another part of the house to give his wife privacy with her lover, sometimes he is present watching as his his wife engages in sexual acts with her lover and sometimes he joins them in those sexual acts as part of a threesome.

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It is surprising how many wives want to see sexual contact between their lovers and the husband. Whether this desire or fascination develops as she gets further into cuckolding or if it was always an unspoken interest, more and more cuckolding couples are talking about this aspect of the lifestyle and including it to some degree in their adventures.

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There is no pleasure like that of a cuckold sharing his wife and witnessing the sights and sounds of the encounter. Knowing how the other man must feel thrusting into his wife and hearing her express sexual ecstasy that may be unfamiliar is the sublime experience that words cannot explain.

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Cuckolding is a highly erotic practice that keeps couples bonded together at a sexual peak long after so-called "vanilla" relationships have lost their excitement. When filming an encounter, a couple can re-live the experience. The husband will no doubt excite to seeing his wife with another man. The wife can recall all the sensations the other man gave her. Some wives will also get off on knowing her husband was the background or behind the camera waiting or stroking while she is being taken care of by a powerful lover.

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When so many men try to dominate a cuckolding session with coaching and directions, this man shows respect for his wife and the fact that it is her evening and he remains silent while her lover is fucking her. Should she look at her husband, what she will see is his appreciative stroking and we thought it was nice when, at one point, he holds her leg open wider for her.

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This cuckold husband tapes his wife and offers affection while her black lover offers something a little different. Later, they will enjoy watching the video living this pleasurable experience over and over again.

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Before the Internet provided a broad forum for intimate communication, cuckolding was a quiet secret and a fetish lifestyle that probably sprang from swinging. Men began to discover that seeing their wives having sex with other men was the biggest turn-on of the swinging lifestyle and swinging couples became hotwife/cuckolding couples. Even in those "prehistoric" days, a woman's preference for black lovers was documented and this video in three parts shows a couple enjoying the lifestyle without benefit of the Internet as a resource.

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